As one of the most stunning residential recording studios in North America and the South Western Hemisphere, our private studios are perfect locations for writing, recording retreats and camps. We can accommodate up to 6-8 writing rooms in addition to 3 well equipped recording studios: Geejam Studios, Panorama and Cocosan Villas. The versatile configurations of our recording studios can include a combination of our 4-bedroom Panorama and 6-bedroom Cocosan Villas, as well as our Rumba Rooms and stand-alone cabins located on the Geejam Hotel property. Camps can be exclusive all property lockouts of our main hotel, or partial lockouts (i.e. hotel guests are on property but areas can be sectioned off for sole use of the camp). We can accommodate small camps of 5-10 pax up to 20-30 pax in total.


As with our hotel guests who are just coming to enjoy the unique environs of Port Antonio, we take care of all logistics from the moment you land at the airport to the moment you leave. We can arrange VIP fast-track through immigration and customs, private ground or air transportation to and from Geejam, as well as providing you with professional drivers throughout your stay. Our private villas come with a full team of staff including security, luxury concierge service and an in-house chef to provide an idyllic, distraction-free setting. We have multiple all-inclusive food packages available to choose from to ensure your budgets are preserved.


Our in-house media team is available to document your experience and are on hand to assist in arranging local musicians and producers to be a part of your sessions. Already familiar with A&R administration, our logistics department can help arrange for releases and agreements to be signed off by local artists or producers during your stay.